Cashflow Forecasting

Maintaining healthy cashflow

Cash is king - knowledge is power

When I meet new clients for the first time, they often declare

“I just don’t feel I’m in control”

For a happy state of mind, you need to feel in control of your business. You need to feel you have some say over where your business is heading. A key way to achieve this is through accurate cashflow forecasting. This will be the stable foundation on which you build a secure and reliable business for the future.

Imagine having an accurate idea of the pattern of your business for the weeks, months and years to come. How much money will come into the business … and when - and how much will be going out.

Spot the potholes early

Imagine the difference this knowledge would make. You’ll know when to expect good times and when to anticipate downturns. You’ll know how to use your cash and when to use it.

I’ll work with you to put together forecasts that will make a massive difference to your future strategy and to how you feel about your business. I’ll shine a light on the long, dark road ahead. I’ll spot those nasty potholes well before you hit them with a bump.

Of course, a forecast is only a forecast - the further in the future it is, the less accurate it will be. But at least you’ll have plenty of time to make the necessary adjustments to keep you on track.


Cash is king.

Without it, your business will never realise its full potential.

Let’s talk about putting you in control of the future of your business. 



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