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My name is Margot Clarke.

I bring fresh eyes, a sharp business mind, and immense experience in improving business efficiency.

Margot Clarke


Margot Clarke of Clarke Consultancy Ltd

The question ‘Why’

What’s the real mission of your business? Is it just to tick along? Or is there a grand vision - a goal that incorporates success with values?

A business that is inspired by a clear mission, with associated goals and values, is far more likely to succeed than one that never thinks beyond the current year’s bottom line.

What do you see? The wood or the trees?

So many of us are over-absorbed in running our businesses. It’s easy to lose sight of higher goals. We focus solely on what excites us (it could be operations, sales or finances) or we become obsessed with day-to-day business hassles and niggles.

To be effective business managers, we should periodically lay down our microscopes and look at our businesses through a wide-angle lens. In short – too often, we fail to see the wood for the trees.

Business – the simple truths

My mission - indeed, my passion - is to turn businesses into vital, organic, growing entities. With a fresh pair of eyes, I cut through the distractions and look at what really matters in business.

What I do is straightforward. I use my years of business experience to shine a light on the two simple truths of business - money in and money out. I apply a particular focus to a fundamental element of business that is so often taken for granted and rarely considered with sufficient care…

… setting prices

Far too often, businesses fail to analyse their pricing structures. Their sole concern is to match low competitor prices. Volume becomes a priority over margins and with high volume inevitably comes high overheads – more staff, larger premises, higher investment to produce the same gross margin.

Businesses also turn a blind eye to opportunities provided by up-selling and cross-selling, as well as down-selling. All these are areas that can bring about a dramatically positive impact on any company’s bottom line.

Setting Prices

I also apply my experience to other areas:

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